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  • Bubble Shack White bath bombs with rose petals spread throughout
Bubble Shack is a family candle, and cosmetics company, aiming to add luxury to your life.

Looking for lip balm in those cold months ahead or to bathe your cold toes in a bath surrounded by the smell of lavender or rose petals? What about a romantic dinner for two lit by the glow of scented candles? Our personal favourite involves candles, snuggling, TV and the sofa. Add a little luxury to your life with our hand crafted candles and cosmetics. We carefully hand craft our candles and cosmetics making every item is unique. Bubble Shack uses soy wax to make candles due to soy’s appealing qualities, many of which we discuss here. At Bubble Shack we also work closely with local beekeepers, supporting them by using honey and beeswax in our products.

Companies who focus on customer experience can rely on Bubble Shack to deliver quality items and in higher volumes. Help create that perfect experience with the little things that count. For more information please contact us for a quote.

Supporting the Bee Community

Bubble Shack is Honey Bee friendly so we regularly source ingredients from local beekeepers, therefore helping to keep bee's within the UK healthy and safe. The BBC reports there may be no wild honey bees living in England or Wales (http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/28290890 Hive Alive broadcasts on BBC Two, Tuesday 15 July 2014 at 20:00 BST). This is why we feel it is important to therefore help prevent the loss of honey bees in the UK.


All cosmetic products sold by Bubble Shack have undergone safety certification and comply with EU regulations. We won't sell our lip balms or bath bombs without first ensuring that they are safe for use.

Above all we strive for quality and would therefore love to hear your thoughts through the contact form below or via facebook or twitter.